вторник, декември 17, 2013

Jingle bell time

And what is Christmas without Jingle bell ...
These bell are quilled and are not bigger than 1 EUR :)

Christmas time

Christmas is time for magic, joy, family meetings and ... presents of course :)
Here are few ideas for "Kleinigkeiten"

We'll start with a Christmas deco for the tree in before/after photo

вторник, октомври 29, 2013


It's time again for party...
We are preparing the costumes, cakes, pizzas etc.
And what is a costume without ... accessories...
Here are my new earrings specially make (and baked) for Halloween:
On the picture above - polymer clay ghosts
Down - the spiders are coming...

The ghost wanna take place in the Halloween Challenge at Dream Valley  Challenge

събота, септември 28, 2013


Here is raining almost every day... it's so grey and wet ... and it's only september ...
I do not complain, but there is no time for forest to change their colors.
I've  tried to bring the autumn at home with this 10*10 cm card:

For the Dream Valley Challenge 66 Autumn.

вторник, април 23, 2013


Hi friends,
A long time has passed agein since I've published here something...

Here is something new - my new passion - decoupage:
It started several months ago with a workshop in Lando Art and Hobby... I went there with my 7 years old son to spend some hours with him ... Then there was inet... till I found this board.
The beginning:
After some time:

So it looks like this.
As I am a begginer in this and I learn from clips I found in internet I would appriate all comments from you...

вторник, април 02, 2013

ReRecicle :)

Здравейте приятели,

Много време мина от последната картичка  която публикувах, а за предизвикателство отдавна не съм си и помисляла :(
И така до преди няколко дни... когато Ландо се появиха при Картичкофуриите :)
Специално за тяхното предизвикателство 162 се включвам с тази набързо сътворена картичка: :

В тази картичка използвах всеrecicle материали та и името оттам ...
Хубав и усмихнат ден от мен :)

четвъртък, януари 17, 2013

Quick present

In the begging of the year, after Christmas and New Year, my budget is always limited. This year I had to think of a cheap present for an anniversary. Here is what I've made:

Presents and candles

Hi everyone,
Long time since I've published...
Now I'll put some presents I've made:

for him

abd for her:

The first candle I've made from used teelichte and a cup from jogurt :)